About EJOP

In 2000, in Prague, Czech Republic, the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP) was established as a result of the actions undertaken by a group of European activists in oncology pharmacy who acknowledged the importance of continuous education, specialisation and knowledge exchange. Active contribution of oncology pharmacy professionals from 29 countries ensures the success of the society in achieving the initially stated aim of determining the optimal medical treatment for cancer patients, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

The European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy (EJOP) evolved from the electronic newsletter to its current print format with its first issue published in January 2007. Starting from 2010, EJOP is published quarterly, and distributed to ESOP members. EJOP is accessible via www.ejop.eu.

EJOP print ISSN: 1783-3914; online ISSN: 2032-7072

Mission Statement / Editorial Objectives

  • To provide information on professional topics to practising oncology pharmacists and technicians
  • To offer a publishing platform to share professional achievements
  • To disseminate information on recent scientific progress and give scientific overviews on oncology, particularly oncology pharmacy matters where the knowledge has moved forward significantly
  • To provide diagnostic, therapeutic, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological and chemical background specifically related to oncology pharmacy
  • To offer a regular communication channel to ESOP members and others four times a year
  • To strengthen the profile of ESOP members’ professional status

Scope and Profile

The European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy (EJOP), published quarterly, sets out to offer a professional communication platform to European oncology pharmacy practitioners. As the official journal of the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy (ESOP), the scope of EJOP is to satisfy ESOP members’ needs in terms of improvement on professional standard, setting guidelines, further education and sharing practice experience. EJOP offers ESOP members an insight into the differences and commonalities of oncology pharmacy standards and training, as well as the opportunities to learn the unique benefits and advantages from the different oncology pharmacy practitioners.

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Editorial Content

The diversified editorial content of EJOP provides a good source of information to its readers.

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Editorial Board

Editorial Board of EJOP

Editor-in-Chief: Klaus Meier, Germany
Dr Robert Terkola, Austria
Professor Alain Astier, France
Dr Mikaël Daouphars, France
Professor Dr Wolfgang Wagner, Germany
Professor Dr Günther J Wiedemann, Germany
Dr Bogumila Julia Sobkowiak, Poland
Professor Per Hartvig-Honoré, Sweden

Editorial Calendar

In January each year, the Editor-in-Chief, the Editorial Board Members and the Publisher meet in Hamburg, Germany, to brainstorm and discuss the key topics and issues of relevance and interest to EJOP readers. In general, EJOP will cover the highlights of ASCO (international) and ESOP (European) congress.

Guidance for Guest Authors

Thank you for contributing to the European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy (EJOP) as a guest author. Please take a minute to read these guidelines, as it will facilitate the publication of your paper and help avoid unnecessary editing work.

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