Transplantation for European hospital pharmacists

Transplantation for European hospital pharmacists is an up-to-date resource book devoted to organ transplantation.

A valuable summary of the field of transplantation, the book covers all dimensions of the transplantation process such as timing and techniques, advances in clinical transplantation, renal insufficiency in heart and liver transplantation, organ preservation solutions, use of polyclonal antibodies in organ transplantation, steroid-sparing strategies, biological agents in immunosupression maintenance, treatment of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplantation, calcineurin inhibitor minimisation in renal transplantation, advances in transplant therapeutics and combination of everolimus and cyclosporin.

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Pharmacoeconomics for European hospital pharmacists

Pharmacoeconomics for European hospital pharmacists, produced under the initiative of PPME, aims to provide background knowledge on pharmacoeconomical principles and policies that may play a role in the selection of medicines for use in hospitals and discussions in Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees. The real value of medicines may go well beyond their acquisition costs, and pharmacoeconomic studies, either real or as a model, are increasingly used on a national, regional and hospital level to make decisions on the access to pharmaceuticals. This volume is intended for hospital pharmacy practitioners across Europe and beyond, who have an interest in pharmacoeconomics principles and methods. For this book, a unique score card has been developed to support healthcare professionals and hospital pharmacy practitioners in evaluating and understanding pharmacoeconomic studies.

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Biopharmaceuticals for European hospital pharmacist

Amongst the most recent achievements of PPME is the Biopharmaceuticals for European hospital pharmacists book.

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