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How can we improve safe handling of antineoplastic drugs: can devices be helpful

Published in: Volume 7 / Year 2013 / Issue 1
Page: 5-7

Abstract:Safe handling procedures should be implemented in all areas where antineoplastic drugs are delivered, stored, prepared, administered, and disposed of in order to reduce contamination in the workplace and the… Read More »

Clinical rule on safe methotrexate prescribing and dispensing in The Netherlands

Page: 8-10

Abstract:A national clinical rule for proper handling of methotrexate was developed and implemented in The Netherlands in 2010 following a number of fatal incidents. The aim was to increase patient… Read More »

Integral oncology patient information system (OncoBASS): 5-year assessment

Page: 10-14

Abstract:Computerized drug-ordering software can prevent medical errors and provide benefits to the patient. The OncoBASS project was developed as an integral oncology patient information system. Five-year results from inception of… Read More »

Clinical pharmacy interventions in oncology

Page: 8-12

Abstract:Medication errors can lead to inappropriate use or harm, and can occur anywhere along the prescribing continuum. The pharmacist can play an important role in evaluating and reporting errors, and… Read More »

ECOP 2012 Conference Report

Page: 3-7

Abstract:ESOP held its first conference from 27–29 September 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. The Scientific Programme included ‘clinical’ and ‘practical’ track. The keynote lecture focused on personalized anticancer therapy, prominent themes… Read More »

Oncology pharmacist in the decision-making process—health technology appraisal

Page: 4-8

Abstract: Health Technology Assessment is essential for the managed entry of new cancer medicines into clinical practice. The cancer pharmacist has an integral role in this process, working closely with clinicians… Read More »

Pharmacist prescribers in cancer care: innovate, challenge and inspire

Page: 9-12

Abstract:2003–04 saw the first qualified pharmacist prescriber in the UK. Cancer care pharmacists embraced this opportunity and, with the emergence of oral chemotherapy, redesigned services. Pharmacists are experts in medicines… Read More »

Community pharmacists: are they the missing link

Page: 12-16

Abstract:Community and specialized pharmacies play a central role in ensuring the provision of necessary medications for cancer patients. New challenges have arisen in the form of oral cytotoxic drugs and… Read More »

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