Packaging and Safety Symposium 2013

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Each vial of a chemotherapeutic drug passes through the hands of many people around the world before it is finally administered to a patient. During the process of production, testing, transportation,reconstitution and administration, the safety of each of these people is paramount. Weaknesses in the safety supply chain have to be identified and eliminated, in order to reduce the risk to those involved as much as possible.

Actavis works actively towards reducing the risks associated with the handling and administration of chemotherapeutic and other high potency drugs. Focusing on areas such as contamination,packaging protection systems and innovative preparation methods; we are continually striving to maximise the safety of our products and those who interact with them.

This Packaging and Safety Symposium was organised by Actavis to bring together industry experts and end users from across the world to share the latest information on product usage and safety. Through this meeting, we aim to improve patient and operator safety by facilitating a better mutual understanding of how high potency hospital products are manufactured, packed, transported and used.

We hope you find the report on the topics covered a valuable resource, and that is will further your knowledge and understanding of the key issues and latest initiatives surrounding product safety today.


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